Our three best tips on how to feed a big group

By  |  April 10, 2015 |  ,

We can accommodate parties of up to 80 people at Nitza’s, and we’ve been serving large groups in Sherwood Park for years, so we know what works and what doesn’t when feeding a crowd.

Whether you are joining us at Nitza’s or not, check out our helpful tips for a fun, affordable, and stress-free experience. They’ll come in handy if you’re organizing a meal for a sports team, school group, corporate function, charity fundraiser, or just a big family gathering:

  1. Book the meal as soon as you can.
    Your first step in making plans for a big group should be to call the restaurant. Some places (including Nitza’s) can accommodate last minute requests, but if it is booked up then you are out of luck.

    Calling in advance will give you a chance to discuss the table setup, menu options, and possible discounts. We can also cater large meals off-site around Sherwood Park, but not every restaurant offers this, so don’t make assumptions!

  2. Ask for advice on crowd-pleasing food.
    A good restaurant should be flexible on their group menu offering, but remember, they’re also your best source of knowledge on popular, crowd-pleasing items. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice to ensure your group meal is an enjoyable experience.

    At Nitza’s, we suggest a winning combination of salads, fries, pasta, chicken wings, and a variety of pizzas (our Chicken Ranch and Donair pizza are must haves!).

  3. Know what is included.
    If you are trying to feed a large group on a budget, you need to be sure what you’ll be getting for the price you’re paying. At Nitza’s, we provide all-you-can-eat food for a set cost, and drinks are included. That means you won’t have any surprises at the end of the meal!

Ready to organize your next group meal? Whether at our Sherwood Park restaurant or off-site, we would be proud to be a part of making it a success. We also love to help community groups with their fundraising efforts, so don’t hesitate to ask. Give Peter a call and let’s start planning!